Secure Messaging Service

Is reliable and secure communication over the Internet important to you? PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is the solution to protect your online communication. With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging you send your mails and documents protected over the Internet. Misrouting is not possible. Without any installation of hardware nor software – immediately and secure.


6 Reasons for PrivaSphere SecureMail

  • Ease of Use
  • No Installation
  • Integration into eMail Programs
  • No Investment
  • Spam free environment
  • Trust management


  • Digitally stamped receipts (certified)
  • Impenetrable by third parties from sender to recipient
  • No installation of hardware, software or security keys required
  • Anyone who wishes to exchange messages securely may do so directly through PrivaSphere Secure Messaging
  • Integrates into your existing standard email programme such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus, Thunderbird Mail, iPhone/iPad Mail, Android Mail, Symbian Mail, etc.
  • High available infrastructure and service in a secure Swiss data centre. Audited by an accepted security specialist (cnlab, report in German only)

PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is cost effective and works on a pay per-use prepaid or subscription basis.


PrivaSphere Secure Messaging can be used for

  • Sending offers
  • Delivery of client statements (financial, personal)
  • Medical data
  • Documents in support of an application
  • And many other purposes needing protection


PrivaSphere™ Secure Messaging: Delivery options - overview

  • PrivaSphere™ Secure Messaging
  • PrivaSphere Registered Secure eMail™
  • PrivaSphere™ eGov Secure eMail


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Audiovisual Demo

Video tutorial
"Secure Messaging - Quick Register" (in german only)